Who Are You Attracting?

Written by Dave Rothacker on December 28, 2021

“...who you attract is not determined by what you want. It’s determined by who you are.” - John Maxwell

Did you ever think about it like that?

According to Maxwell, these are areas you’re more than likely to have in common with those who you’ve recruited and hired. It’s also possible workers have these in common with company owners/leaders.

Age - Think about those dot com companies of the late 90s and early 00s. Not many baby boomers there.

Attitude - Positive people associate with positive people. Same with negative people.

Background - We’re attracted to and attract those with similar backgrounds.

Values - We’re attracted to leaders whose values are similar to our own.

Giftedness - We’re attracted to those with similar talent. If you’re creative, you probably will not be attracted to an accounting company.

Leadership Ability - If you have high leadership skills, you won’t be attracted to someone who has less leadership skills.

Maxwell refers to this dynamic as the Law of Magnetism - Who you are is who you attract.

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