Leadership Learning and Development is a Process

Written by Dave Rothacker on December 6, 2021

Do you have a leadership development plan?

You can map out a fight plan or a life plan. But when the action starts, you’re down to your reflexes. That’s where your road work shows. If you cheated on that in the dark of the morning, you’re getting found out now under the bright lights.
- Former heavyweight champ Joe Frazier
In his book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Influence, John Maxwell talks about these phases of leadership growth.
Phase 1

I don’t know what I don’t know

Phase 2

I know that I need to know

Phase 3

I know what I don’t know

Phase 4

I know and grow and it starts to show

Phase 5

I simply go because of what I know

Leaders are learners
It is the capacity to develop and improve their skills that distinguishes leaders from their followers.
- Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus

Establish your leadership plan by taking small steps. Read one book every two months. Listen to two podcasts per month. Engage with one of my two leadership masterminds starting next month. Start small and write it down.

I will be launching (at least) two John Maxwell masterminds in January. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and Developing the Leader Within You 2.0. Each is based on a Maxwell book by the same name. I recommend reading the book(s) in December.

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership - The book in which to begin building your leadership foundation on. As we’ve seen here, every person in your company is in need of fundamental leadership education. Go here to sign up.

Developing the Leader Within 2.0 - I recommend this mastermind if you’ve already taken The 21 Irrefutable Laws mastermind. That said, it’s not necessary. This book contains fundamental lessons for becoming a good leader. Go here to sign up.