Leadership is Influence

Written by Dave Rothacker on December 1, 2021

Did you hear that!? “Leadership, leadership, leadership.” Everyone’s talking about leadership. There’s a lot of buzz in the home service industries about the need for leadership training.

As the company owner, you ask:

  • Do I need leadership training?
  • Do my managers need it?

Let’s take a look at what leadership actually is. Once you understand its basic premise you’ll not only be able to answer these questions, you’ll see how all-encompassing it really is.

With over 50 years of leadership experience, education and training I’ll lean on John Maxwell to define leadership. Be sure not to blink or you’ll miss it.

“Leadership is influence.”

That’s it.

Leadership is our ability to influence another human being.

With that in mind, do you suppose there might be more of a need for leadership than you thought? Let’s take a look at your company.

I am speaking here in terms of positive influence.

You, the company owner - Is your ability to influence coworkers important to the success of the company?

Your managers - Do you think it would be important for your managers to influence those who report to them?

Your CSRs - Do I even have to ask how important it is for the folks who talk with your customers day in and day out, to be an influence?

Your dispatchers - Do you think it would be important for your dispatchers to be an influence to your technicians?

Your technicians and comfort advisors - How important is it for these folks to influence your customers?

Any and all of your coworkers - Your people are out in the community. They interact with: you, each other, customers, potential customers and potential coworkers. Do you think the ability to influence is beneficial to not only them, but your company as well?

What about your coworkers’ families? What type of coworker do you suppose you’d have if they influenced their families? What sort of families would they have?

Now stop and think about it for a moment. Is one’s ability to influence another an important skill in your world?

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