Purpose and Process

Written by Dave Rothacker on August 11, 2020

The Starship Freedom is a mindset. It’s an imaginary spacecraft designed to provoke, nurture and support a growth mindset. On your star-trail to that growth and development, on your way past present-day limitations, the Freedom by its very nature and purpose is a process-generating, forward-moving work of wonder!

The Freedom’s Purpose – To push the boundaries of what is known, to explore, discover, process, delineate, and Radio-Back the coordinates of knowledge, wisdom, and ideas to others.

Process in Purpose – The Freedom’s North star is well-being, holistic human and professional growth and development. We strive for it through the process of exploration, discovery, information-processing and understanding. Then, because we are in service to others, we Radio-Back the coordinates of this knowledge, wisdom and ideas to those in need.

Follow along that process in the Starship Freedom’s Code:

Do the Right Thing
Pursue the Growth Mindset
Be Curious
Connect Others
Inspire Others
Live Your Purpose

Live Your Purpose

It’s in this last bit of the Code that provides the genesis for true growth and service to others.

What is Purpose?

Our purpose is the essence of who we are and what makes us unique.

Our purpose is an active expression of the deepest dimension within us – where we have a profound sense of who we are and why we’re here.

Purpose is the aim around which we structure our lives, a source of direction and energy. Through the lens of purpose, we are able to see ourselves – and our future – more clearly. – Richard J. Leider

The Need For Purpose

The need for purpose can be defined as the need for an overarching aspiration that energizes one’s efforts and provides a central source of meaning and significance in one’s life. – Scott Barry Kaufman, Transcend

Purpose First

If the purpose is the aim around which we structure our life, if it’s a source of direction and energy, then it stands to reason it’s a priority to establish one as soon as possible!

So, prior to engaging the Freedom’s FTL drive (faster than light) and laying down vapor trails towards exploring the edge of the Universe, we encourage you to connect with your purpose!

My Own Struggle

It took me over thirty years to uncover my purpose. Purpose begins to form in our late teens. It grows as we learn, connect with others and log life / work experience. A person doesn’t set out to discover their purpose as much as to uncover it.

For someone who reads, researches and explores as much as myself, the fact it took so long to uncover my purpose is embarrassing and painful. It was entirely of my own doing. The reason I am so passionate about the power of the Freedom is because I don’t want another human being to endure what I did!

It wasn’t until the last eight years or so that I was able to dig out most of what my purpose is. In one of my most favorite quotes ever, Martha Beck says:

The truth we need to be free is the reality of our own lives.

Two Mistakes

I made two critical and ongoing mistakes along the way (and a boatload of others!). One, I didn’t search and explore long and hard enough for the right kind of help. And two, I didn’t engage with someone who could specifically help me to identify my purpose.

Two Positives

It wasn’t until after my therapist-coach suggested that I not abandon the HVAC industry when the light at the end of the tunnel turned from a fire-breathing-runaway-freight train to the illumination of possibility.

During this time period, the Service Nation Alliance began to form and I joined in as a mentor. I’d never seen such a collection of professionals who were determined to not only learn but were actually doing something with what they were learning. These folks gave me hope!

So, I channeled my writing on leadership, business and science from outside of the HVAC industry, where I spent most of my time, toward the Service Nation Inc., which represents the Service Roundtable and Service Nation Alliance.

Gorilla Lifter

The following advice, had I received it years ago, could have helped me to navigate the pathway to my purpose without a 1,000 pound gorilla on my back. It comes from Richard J. Leider.

If you are not presently able to uncover your purpose, use the default purpose of To Grow and To Give until you can.

Presently my purpose is: To inspire fellow travelers to connect with their purpose and pursue transformational leadership. To connect with knowledge, ideas, and others so that they’ll be more effective transformational leaders.

Purpose Finding Books

Start With WHY by Simon Sinek
Find Your WHY by Simon Sinek, David Mead and Peter Docker
The Power of Purpose by Richard J. Leider

I still haven’t quite formalized my purpose. More realities from my past loosened as we prepped the Freedom for flight. The missing pieces are in the fields of humanistic and positive psychology. As I weave these into my purpose, you’ll see the Starship Freedom’s mindset continue to evolve.

Again, if you haven’t uncovered your purpose use the default purpose of To Grow and To Give! Even if you’ve drafted a sketch of your purpose, support it with To Grow and To Give. The bottom line is to embrace it and to use it!

I find tremendous inspiration in three tales of fiction: Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz and Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

The Wizard of Oz provided the stimulus to a personal North Star I created in 2003: Oz is the Yellow Brick Road. Classically, it means it’s more about the journey than the destination. I look at however, as the process of purpose.

Purpose first. Vision next.