Start with WHY

Written by Dave Rothacker on September 29, 2020

The Starship Freedom screams through space, her engines burning to exceed FTL speed (faster than light). As a mindset however, the Freedom only flies within our minds. Only, is deceptive. Did you know our brains have more connections than stars in the universe?

What does this mean dear space traveler?

Endless possibilities.

The vastness of the universe, gazillions of stars and our brain’s neural connections have the potential to overwhelm us, make us anxious and induce doubt.

Not to worry. We have a solid foundation from which to begin. Start with WHY, start with purpose. We initially spoke about purpose here.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of WHY, the world’s best description can be found in Simon Sinek’s 18-minute TED Talk.

Why WHY?

The reason that I am so passionate about WHY and purpose is because for decades, I was unable to find my own.

I wanted so badly to merge my talent, my contribution and my vocation. I wanted the lines between work and life to blur. I wanted to be knee deep in work that mattered to people who felt the same and who understood me.

And because I couldn’t figure out my financial obligations and a career that I loved, because I couldn’t find the right resources and people to help, I brought a debilitating and chronic illness upon myself. Although my mind was willing to continue suffering, my body said no. To be clear, it said STOP! No more HVAC management.

I believe everything happens for a reason. It is what it is. No regrets. I wouldn’t be sitting here at my typewriter trying to guide and help others if things didn’t go down as they did.

The thing is, I don’t want anyone to suffer the way I did. That’s why the experience and outcome of uncovering one’s purpose is so important to me!

So North Star

One more reason that I’m a passionate believer in purpose is, like our values, it’s a beacon of light. When we need to make a tough decision, when it comes time to hire and when we’re in need of direction, our purpose directs.

Want to make an impact on the world? Make sure your purpose and North Star are one in the same. Too often we look to stars of less light. Intend to make a difference and set your coordinates on your North Star.

Are You Inspired?

If you’re inspired by Simon Sinek’s TED talk, if you want to learn more about uncovering your purpose, stay tuned. We’re going to talk more here over the next couple of weeks on the topic.

Shortcuts are of no help!

While you can obtain decent information from abbreviated vehicles like CliffsNotes, infographics and Blinkist type summaries, if you’ve struggled like I have, you need to put focused work in when searching for purpose.


In addition to these books (which I recommend in the “purpose here” link above)…

Start With WHY by Simon Sinek
Find Your WHY by Simon Sinek
The Power of Purpose by Richard J. Leider


Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl
What Color is Your Parachute? by Richard N. Bolles
Finding Your Element by Sir Ken Robinson

I recommend starting with Finding Your WHY. If you’re still trying to figure it out, engage with a coach passionate about purpose, like myself.

The quest for unlocking your purpose begins with believing you have one. Richard J. Leider

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