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Steve Sherlock

Dave, I loved Tom's earlier work "The Art of Innovation" and am several chapters into this one. We can compare notes when I finish.

Steve Sherlock

Oops, not the same author in above comment but from the same firm (IDEO) ... too early this morning to comment properly

Rosa Say

Dave, about this part:
"...because those who work for these leaders are desperately in search of - as in crawling across the hot desert floor in search of a tall, cool glass of water - other leaders who get it, other companies that are doing it and other ways to operate a company better."

I find that happens with MWA too - a lot. I wrote it with managers in mind, hoping to give them a resource, and I hear from their staff most of all, sharing sentiments which are usually something like, "If only you were my boss..."

Yet the possibility for better is there, waiting for us to seize it, so I love books like this which push possibility under a brighter spotlight.


I'm sure at one point Rosa, over the last 5 or 6 years I mentioned that one of the reasons that MWA* resonated with me so much is for the very same reason it resonates with the staff people you speak of here.

*Well, MWA and the hundreds of other management books that I sought out like exposed diamonds in a mine.

Of course the very fact that the staff people share their sentiments is proof alone that the world yearns for managers that get it.

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