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Chris Brown

Ouch. (too soft a word!) I can't imagine trying to keep going all those years without telling about it. I'm too much of a blurter.

My tendons are starting to mess up (elbow, achiles etc.) but nothing like the flu. all over. 24/7.

Hang in there Dave. I admire your persistance and determination.

Patricia Viamontes

Hi Dave,
I have had Fibro for 9 years. I began low doses of Lyrica in Sept 09 and it did nothing for the pain, but gave my energy a slight boost. Recently, I stared Savella. It took weeks to build up to the regular dose of 50 mg twice daily. When I reached that level...I realized that for five days, I hadn't thought of taking a pain pill! I was not stiff...I could even jog. However, my heart felt like it was skipping beats, my resting pulse was 110 to 124 (normally 62 to 78), spiking blood pressure,double vision at times and screaming bloody murder at my husband at the least aggravation. The dr checked the symptoms and usually only one percent get these side affects. What a huge disappointment that I had to go off of it! The dr had me do a heart monitor for 48 hrs and an echocardiogram to be sure my heart was okay and it was. Now, we are waiting a little bit before trying something else. Bummer!


Thanks for dropping in Patricia. Have you tried biofeedback or accupuncutre?

Joanna Paterson

Oh Dave how awful for you... my mum had that, it wss a horrible condition. Sending you love and best wishes across the airwaves x


Hey Joanna, thanks for reaching out!

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