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Steve Sherlock

Indeed, that brings back memories of a bad coach I had back in the days. I had one good one for Frosh, Soph and Junior years in high school then he got an opportunity to move to another school. Good for him. We got a new guy, fresh from college. His idea of practice was to pick the four best to play with him against the next five. Right.

Long story short, I switched from basketball to track and never regretted it.

The coaching makes a difference and it is not unlike the work place. What was that stat that someone doesn't leave a job because of the company but because of their manager?

I also agree nothing is random. Hopefully Carla will hear a new song, get over this incident, and achieve the great things she is capable of.

Debra Estep


I totally get this. Kevin quit playing little league a couple of years ago around the age of 10. He said that he just could not take the constant yelling from his coach.

I'm sorry for Carla, but
it's a damn good thing her Dad and Mom get her !!


Thanks Steve. Looks like that running stuff has been a staple in your life.

Good for Kevin Deb. I was intentionally diplomatic with my language here but, I can't quite get this one particular vision out of my head. It played over so many times -- at a time-out the coach would have the girls in a circle and he would point his finger at Carla as the other girls seem to back away while Carla seemed to stand out, like on an island, and he would scream at her. He also did this to a few other girls but not all and with the exception of one other girl, not as many times as he did with Carla.


Ya'll might wonder why we just didn't take Carla out of this program. Carla wanted to play basketball and didn't want to leave her friends and this school. She is a tough, hard and competitive kid who has a huge heart. I just hope that we were able to offer enough support (along with some other awfully caring parents in the program) to get her through all of this without any long term repercussions.

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