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Rosa Say

You ARE a writer Dave. The only decision is on the expression you choose at any given time.

And a book? Well, it is magic woven into your writing :) Make it happen.

Steve Sherlock

Dave, I'll second Rosa. You ARE a writer. Some have it more than others and I think you are one that does! Go for it!


Thanks Rosa & Steve! You know what I like about both of your comments? The sentence at the end of each that begins with a verb!

Marisa Birns

No matter how many people tell you to be a writer, the only person you will listen to and believe in is yourself.

And I do believe that deep down, YOU want to be a writer. That's all that matters. Forget the rest.

Except, listen to that frog!


Thanks Marisa! In one of those, "the universe is talking Dave, you better listen moments earlier today," I was working on a mind map which I call a cluster. I am trying to flesh out ideas for a story based on a teenage girl character. The name I wrote and circled in the center of the page was Alice - like the one in Wonderland :-)

Rosemary Rothacker

As a romance author, I can tell you everything you need to know about GMC (goal, motivation, conflict), character arc, setting & description, POV (point of view), non-verbal communication, dialogue attributes, and all the overused common words.

I can tell you what agents are looking (and not looking) for in a query letter. I can even tell you what it feels like to get rejection letters, to win or place in a writing contest, and to bomb out big in a writing contest.

Yet I'm not only a romance writer, I'm the loving and supportive wife (wink, wink) of a man with a very creative mind.

When it comes to the world of non-fiction, that's a subject I don't know much about. But in the end, writing is writing and one thing I DO know: Dave not only has the writing skills it takes to succeed in the publishing world, he's got something else. A unique book idea that every publisher is looking for.

Now if I can only get him to work on his listening skills...

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