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Dean Savor

I enjoyed reading about my son Scott.I remember when he was 7 years old dressed up in -20 degree's below tempertures shooting hoops out in the snow.I never forced him into doing something against his will. He picked his own direction in life and I supported him. He has set his goals high and still climbing. One thing I can say about Scott he beleives in people and what they can a acomplish.

Dave Rothacker

Hey Dean, thanks for stopping in. I'll not tell you how much we think of Scott, how much we respect his work ethic, how much it is plainly evident that he believes in people (from our perspective), what a gentleman he is, what class he exudes and how much we can see him making a difference in others' lives - because that would embarrass him.

Scott and I shared stories of shooting hoops in bad weather. I either shoveled the driveway or shot hoops on packed snow - which made my sky hook much more like Lew Alcindor's :-)

Please Dean, one more chance to embarrass Scott- thanks to you and his mom for bringing the lad into this world!

Chris Hayes

I had the pleasure of working with Scott at the University of Detroit Mercy and at Sports and Field. Scott is not only an excellent trainer but an even better person. He understands the importance of mental aspects of life, and how they can affect players. Everyday he comes in ready to work with a smile on his face and a lot of positive reinforcement. Tennessee is lucky to have him..God Bless


Thanks for posting Chris! The importance of that "above the neck" stuff simply cannot be overstated.

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