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Lyn Marinello

WFTS and the Rothacker's are all quite extraordinary people. Although I did not attend the event mentioned above, I have been at the studio on a prior occasion and was met with warmth and a genuine kindness from every single person. It is my children, Deanna and Miles, that Mr. Rothacker reports and they, too, felt and feel comfortable with the crew of WFTS and the Rothackers. When children are comfortable . . . it speaks VOLUMES about a person. My family was privileged enough to meet Jackie Calloway and Linda Hurtado at Rosemary's Iron Chef event. They were fabulously friendly and affectionate toward the cause.
Although the reason we've met everyone is not one I'd wish on anyone, it is ~ in fact ~ a blessing to our family. We enjoy each acquaintance, cherish each friendship, and are eager to have the opportunity to aid All Children's Hospital.
Thank you to you all ~ for absolutely everything!


Thanks for sharing Lyn! After meeting and corresponding with you I have come to this conclusion: you were there that day in WFTS' studio! Miles and Deanna might as well as have been wearing a big neon sign: we're Lyn's kids.

By the way, I realize that this can be written off to semantics, but Miles and Deanna are not children, (although they always WILL be Mom's children).

From an outsider's perspective, their personal journeys graduated them from the moniker of children a long time ago.

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