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Denis Baldwin

One I wish they would have added is "Built to Last". It's such an awesome book about how some big companies we all know got that way, and why their business ethics and practices make them solid. I read it when I was 15 and I re-read it almost every year just to keep myself grounded.


Thanks for stopping by Denis!

I wish that I would have read Built to Last before Good to Great. Common sense that says it shouldn't make a difference, but it still has for me.

I wish the lads would have included a section on customer service. But you can see how unwieldy a project like this can get.

I haven't had a chance to drill into the book list, but I wonder if there are any Tampa connections.

Jack Covert

As Todd and I were picking the books, we--in the introduction of the book we explain the criteria--picked books that we thought were worthy. Not by category. The customer service question...Moments of Truth by Jan Carlzon is in the Bio section and Len Berry's Discovering the Soul of Service is in the Strategy section. Those books would have lead a CS section.

We are also offering "The Missing Chapter" on industries at

We love the fact that our book has started a dialog about what books were picked and what books weren't picked. Dialog about books is a very good thing.

Jack Covert

Todd Sattersten

Let me add to Jack's thoughts.

Dave - Wow. Thank you. We are going to write some additional chapters for the book and release them electronically. Customer service is a perfect topic for one of them.

Dennis - Built To Last is an incredible book and was considered. The tough part was that Built to Last was about the companies that had arrived and Good To Great was about how to get there. We recommend Built To Last as additional reading at the end of the Good To Great review.

Todd Sattersten


Hi Jack and Todd. Thanks for stopping by! You guys are doing some cool stuff with your book. It's almost like it isn't a book but, at the risk of blubbering out a cliche, it's an experience. Adding the missing chapter along with additional electronic ones keeps the experience Richard Nelson Bolles and his iconic work...cept we don't have to wait an entire year between stuff.

Actually, you guys have the perfect platform to do this. What a riot!

I really need to get your book before making any more commentary.

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