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Adam Daniel Mezei

Dave, your RSS feed comes up a wee bit wonky in Google Reader...I'd wanted to email you, but couldn't find an addy. Can you perhaps get back to me?

Coming to you via Wayne Turmel's eBook...all the way from Prague, Czech Republic.



Hi Adam, Thanks for visiting from way over there! I sent you an e-mail to verify contact info.

Wayne Turmel

Dave, I enjoyed Kevin's book too, although maybe my taste for Koolaid isn't quite as strong as yours. I do think it's good work. You can hear Kevin talk about it on The Cranky Middle Manager show

Oh, and Adam was referring to a link from my e-book...With every copy people purchase of "The 4 Disciplines of Highly Effective, Leadership Exhibiting, Project Nailing, Cheese Moving Managers" folks buy from my website, they get a free copy of "100 Free Web Resources for managers." You are proudly listed, although I think it's still under Rothacker Reviews, but heck Adam found you all the way from Prague.....

Keep up the good work and don't let the weasels get you down.


Thanks so much Wayne!! And thanks for the link - that is what I call providing value.

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