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Eric Peterson

This really is an awesome list, isn't it? I posted it up on my site as well. Thank you for keeping the love going. I've been able to find some real gems from it.

Happy Holidays

Mike Wagner

Thanks for posting this list and honored to be numbered among this tribe.

It is amazing to live in a time where we can learn so much from so many.

Keep creating...a daring adventure,

Jeremy Jacobs

Thanks for the plug!


Thanks for stopping by Eric, Mike and Jeremy!

The cool thing about what Troy has done is that he has created a piece of history that encompasses all of these fascinating people.


Well, this is a first for

Megga thanks. And Happy New Years.

Arun Rajagopal

Hello Dave:
Thank you for adding me to the 'microfamous' club. Happy New Year!


Cat - Yours is a noble mission! And while I am not even in your industry, I deplore spec-work. I am honored by your visit.

Thanks Arun! May worthwhile copy sweep you down the river towards an ocean of success!

Jessica Doyle

I'm emotionally late saying thank you for including my blog in this list.

Happy Holidays! Cheers!


Hey Jessica! Not sure if there is any such thing like being late here...I'm just glad you are here! Happy Holidays.

Marcia Francois

I am so honoured to be on your list - thanks for the plug and sorry for the lateness of this comment (I haven't checked technorati in yonks)


Your welcome Marcia!


Thanks for the plug!


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