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Rosa Say

Well Dave I hope that next post will be today, maybe even before I finish writing this comment! Goodness, you can't say, "this something is stone cold real" and then not tell us what "this" is!

Hurry up, would you? I'll be waiting for my feed reader to bring me back here...

P.S. I do agree that Rosemary is intuitively brilliant.


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Chris Brown

Wow. I've got to check back soon to read the next installment.

Also, I wouldn't characterized exploring as "I was a horse running in circles around a track with blinders on and no clue of where the finish line was.

You know that part at the end of Julia Cameron's book the Artist Way? Where she talks about working your way up the mountain? You spiral up, it might seem like you are crossing over the same area, but it's at a different level with a different lense... a reflection of the new info you've taken in since the last time you were there. I think you're too hard on yourself & seem to judge your career evolution like it should be a straight shot instead of a meandering path of exploration...

anyway, I'll be checking back soon to find out more about "mother stuff"


Rosa - I actually responded to your comment on the 4th, but must not have hit Post :(

Jesica - Thanks for stopping by. I need to write a separate post on your reply. I think I can help.

Hi Chris - you describe the journey. one cannot possibly take a step ahead if one hasn't already taken two behind. Thank you so much! I get it.

Actually, there are a few separate Dave's in my body. One has unwaivering faith that I will become successful in something that I love to do. I have felt this way as long as I can remember. Another is a whiney, pissy and moanie boy (as evidenced above). This one really irritates Rosemary. Another is very cognizant of working my way up the mountain.

Verna Wilder

Great post, Dave! What energy and passion and enthusiasm. OK, now I'm ready for the nexst installment. What's up? I want to hear the story of Dave now. Whatever it is, you're on fire, and that's wonderful.


Having been Rosemary's sister in law for the past 30 years I can add to this post in saying that it is Rosie's very giving nature that makes her the person she is.

I am as blessed to have her in my life
as my bro is to have her as a wife. !!!

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