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Rosa Say

Isn’t it amazing how connected we can get to people via the magic of the web Dave? Like you, I read Bren’s posting and my first ‘Oh no!’ reaction was near immediately replaced by feeling quite proud of him for making the choices that are about his ho‘ohana – his intentions with work he feels is more worthwhile and meaningful – work which will lift his spirit and keep it elevated as it should be. When you take the links he’s offered within his posting to and Yamhill TV his ho‘ohana is so easy to see, and you just have to celebrate with him! So after those mere seconds of thought, I sent him a private email to congratulate him on his choices, for like you, I remember and feel I know Bren well from SM’s earlier days and recall so much of the journey.

Blogging (and forgive me, for I know you don’t care for the term) can turn into a hard master; after three years doing so my own thoughts about it have changed quite significantly. I still like to think of it as a writing platform, but the question is always, platform for what? In my own case, Talking Story started with me thinking it would be my business blog, but it became something else, and as you point out here, my online writing is largely an addition in my life that is quite irrelevant to my livelihood – at least in its present form. Even the perceived-to-be loftier goal of global community building with blogging can take you down some very unproductive rabbit trails, and the blog writer must always ask him or herself, now exactly who am I doing this for again? Why?

Management? Definitely my ho‘ohana still … when done with aloha :-)


Thanks, Dave. This is really cool. And Rosa, as usual, you "get" me. :-)

Dwayne Melancon

Spot on, Dave - I have had a similar experience with Bren (though I still read every week - but usually offline in Sharpreader, making me a poor commenter).

Bren doesn't rhyme with Zen for nothing ;^)


Hey Dwayne thanks for stopping in! Bren - Zen. Very Zennish :-)

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