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Rosa Say

There is something else as "beautiful [a] thing in all of Creation than a mother's love for her children" Dave, and that is the appreciation and respect of the man they call husband and father. You have every wife and mother drooling for you and the love that you reveal to us in the writing of this post; I can guarantee it will get printed up and tucked into more than one man's briefcase.

Joanna Young

Rosa, you took the words right out of my mouth. I was thinking about the person who was writing these words too.

What is the man? The rock of the mountain that has been warmed by the sun, that holds its warmth and allows us to come back and touch the earth, the rock, the mountain, when the work of being a woman, a mother, a daughter, makes us sad and tired. It does sometimes you know :)

Dave - hello again. Thanks for your lovely message earlier. I'll reply in a little while.



Rosa and Joanna - your comments are making my ears turn red. Thank you!

Karen Wallace

Dave - I'm not sure I've ever commented here before but as a mother and a wife, how could I not applaud you with a rousing standing ovation for your heart and soul in these two posts.

Your post is not only a gift for Rosemary and your girls, it's a gift to mothers everwhere... for that recognition that comes so little and means so much.

You brought tears to my eyes - happy ones... thank you for your rays of sunshine on this cold winters day down-under.


It's all about love. :)

Thanks Davie for showing
your love for your family.

It all circles around and I know for
a fact that Rosemary's Mom,
Mary is JUST as proud of her girl. !!!

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