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Glenn (Customer Service Experience) Ross

Thanks for the mention, Dave. My original intent was to find two books that compliment each other which was how I came up with the post you linked to. Although I didn't say so at the time, I was looking for two books where the sum of the whole was greater than the parts.

A different type of mashup might be where you read a fiction book and a non fiction book on the same topic. For example, history and a historical novel. I'm a big fan of Bernard Cornwell, especially his "Sharpe" series set in the Napoleonic Wars. Before I read Sharpe's adventures at Waterloo, I found a nonfiction book on the battle and read it first. It increased my enjoyment of the novel.

I know people have been doing that for years, now we have a clever name for it. I'd be interested in seeing more mashups in any genre, whether they're on two different topics as I proposed in my post or whether they're on the same topic as I mentioned above.




The UPS-Toshiba story is one of my favorites from The World is Flat, because it is a great example of something huge just below the surface. I was astonished when I found out that UPS had turned final assembly into a 2 billion dollar a year business.

Regarding Glenn's book mashup idea, I love it! As Glenn wrote in his comment, people have been doing this for years, myself included, but layering mashup concept (and imagery) is a cool touch.

I wonder how this notion might be extended.

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