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Phil Gerbyshak

Wow Dave, that sounds like QUITE a place to work, and working for you would be awesome. Too bad I can't commute from Milwaukee. Maybe some day...when I'm not happy with my job, and the Wisconsin weather, I might move by you.

Greg Balanko-Dickson

Dave, congratulations on having an 'enlightened' perspective - although I think that the characteristics you mention are the new standards for attracting the best employees, I prefer to call them partners because as we work together we are more like partners than fellow employees.

I think employers can really help create an exciting workplace that capitalizes on those characteristics by cultivating a culture of cooperation, collaboration, and connection - this defines a Workplace 3.0.



I suspect Phil, that if YOU were to leave your people, there'd be a mutiny...thanks for the kind words!

I'm in tune with your mindset Greg! I am very particular about the language I use in terms of my fellow partners. Thanks!

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