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Chris Brown

When I was stuck in management I remember feeling so many of those feelings. But instead of being the fire hydrant, I was the ping pong ball in a pointless game... the monkey in monkey in the middle... that was on a good day at best.

I also remember feeling like one of the pitbulls prior to a dog fight. So much adreline flowing, tense stomach, alert skin... Corporate beatings-- I mean meetings -- offer no "real" danger, but I was required to fight like crazy, often against your friends, to protect my projects, my people, my products. I'm so glad I left the corporate world in 1997! Probably saved me 3 heart attacks from stress by now.


No doubt you found your niche Chris!

Rich G.

Tried to trackback and can't figure out if it's working or not, those things work when they want to some days. :)

Great post, love the "providing air cover" imagery, and couldn't agree more about sometimes our jobs as managers is to stand between our people and the crazies runnin' the show. (I say that knowing that further away from me I'm one of the crazies!)


Thanks Rich! As for the trackbacks, they (it) absolutely has a mind of its own.

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