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Christine Kane

Thanks for tagging me! I like the VW bus image you have going there... very cool. (I also read a few of your other posts and really liked your thoughts on Seth's newest book. I haven't read it yet, but now I'm gonna go download it from audible.)


Okay Dave... Now I have to
get busy and post 5 things.

I'm ALSO one proud Air Force Mother in law,
can't leave off my darling DIL.

xo xo

Tony D. Clark

Great list, Dave. Who knew I'd find a fellow ex-longhair, when I tagged you. I also had Lasik in 2004. It's nice to be able to see trees as something other than large broccoli florets - without glasses.


LOL! Tony. I might have said mashed peas...but we're in the same forest :-)

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