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Lora Adrianse

I can relate! I know a lot of people and can't name one offline person that reads business books. There's clearly something that we don't understand here.

In fact, they know I read a lot, so they're quick to ask "What are you reading?" If it's a business book (and it always is), they aren't interested.

I finally started answering the question in a new way, just to save us both some time.

Someone asks "What are you reading?" I reply, "No novels." That seems to pretty much end that topic.

What did we do before we had blogs for discussion? :)

Lisa Wilder

I know just what you mean. Thankfully I have such a large network of friends and colleagues online that I can always find someone with whom to discuss the latest and greatest business books.

To answer your question, "Who is reading business books of today?" It's bloggers and entrepreneurs who rely on the internet to market themselves.

Love your blog, by the way.


Thanks for dropping in Lora! Don't you just love that blank, hollow, empty expression that folks have when you start talking about blogging and business books?

Hi Lisa! Thank you for the compliment! Thank goodness for our online friends!

Glenn (Customer Service Experience) Ross

Ah, so this is heaven. I'm a business book gym rat, too.-)Just starting to read The Wisdom Network by Benton and Giovagnoli.

I'll be reading (you and them.-)




LOL Glenn! No telling what you'll turn into by adopting what my friends call Dave-isms. Let me know how you like that book too.

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