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Steve Sherlock

Dave, so you're a Monday Morning Memo guy too! How about his big tease for next week? Are you sitting on the edge waiting?

Interesting last comment on categories. Are they the electric file folder? Then what role do tags play? And if search can't or doesn't find them, what good are they?

These are some of the questions I am toying with these days. Blogs are good for conversation starting. The discussion gets focused around a topic and continues on line with comments or off line (so to speak) with email. But to go back and see what's be done, the archives and search don't cut it for me. Hence a new exploration into wiki and how that could be integrated into a blog site.


Yep Steve, got every book Roy has written. I even had an article published in the old Beagle newspaper he wrote. There is a lot of stuff that he talks about in regards to writing that I TRY hard to incorporate. I bought this software (on an old computer) a few years ago. I've often thought it would be cool if it could be integrated in the blog.

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