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Steve Sherlock


The best thing about the yellow brick road is there is no end! It keeps on going. Nice writing! I can click my heels and go anytime.


Pretty darn amazing how you tie all these experiences and blogs together into a coherent story. How do you do it?


No end indeed Steve! Thanks!

Thanks Greg! The first post I ever wrote (ten years ago) in a community was a was how I tried to explain something :-)

Roger von Oech


Your travelogues are a highlight for me! Keep 'em coming.



Terrific post Dave. Thanks for intertwining one of my favorite movies with your travelogue....wonderful. And thanks for posting the words to one of the most beautiful songs EVER written. Just reading them gives me chills.


Thanks for the encouragement Roger!!

Joy, I get chills on top of chills thinking about it! Judy Garland had an unbelievable voice.


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