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Steve Sherlock

Ah, the conundrum of the A-listers... you want their attention but linking too them only adds to their A-list and doesn't significantly help youself. But if you don't hang around them, others have a hard time noticing you.

It's not easy being a z-lister...

But in spite of all that, I do read Seth. He does have good ideas. Then I go cruise the long tail to find the next hidden purple cow or pink horse, or just to see what's around the corner.

Drew McLellan


Sometimes its tough to wrestle with truths or beliefs that collide with one another, isn't it.

I've only been blogging for a few months. I decided I was going to do my best not to get caught up in the A-Z list game. I'm wired to be it would be a slippery slope for me. Better to stay off the hill all together.

I was just going to write because I could and hope that people found some value in it. If something another blogger said would add to that value, I'd link to it. Regardless of their A-Z status.

I figure if people think I'm doing it to ride on someone else's coat tails or to be cool, so be it. They'll either see what I'm all about or not. And there's probably nothing I can do about that anyway.

Perception is reality, after all.

I love your blog...will be stopping by again soon.



Rosa Say

A very wise man (with the initials of D.R.) taught me that when all is said and done, your “value add” makes you an A-Lister to the person who felt you delivered that value to, for you opened yourself up to help them in some way.

The sharing of aloha … it happens hundreds, thousands, maybe a million times a day thanks to this citizen publishing wonder child called blogging, and if that’s what the A-listers have called attention to, and spawned wannabe copies of – halleluiah!

People need to be touched by other people, and all bloggers, whether A, B, Q or Z can do their part, don’t you think?


Steve - The Long Tail is where it's at! I couldn't be more happy cruising down it myself.

Thanks for stopping by Drew! "They'll either see what I'm all about or not" I really do feel this way as well. This little rant of mine was something that needed to be stacked neatly on the loading dock of my mind, to be shipped off to Oblivion.

Yes I do Rosa! It's time to get back to Adding Value and let the A,B,Q,Z list thing be on its way to Oblivion.


Dave and Rosa, value is the key. Always has been and always will be.

Personally, I would rather have a bunch of links from the J, D, R, and Z listers who are most likely to have the potential to send me qualified and motivated readers than the link love from an A lister.

I have been online since 1998 and have found that people naturally link to helpful, useful, and practical content.

David Armano

Honestly, I'm just really thankful people read my blog. I'm sure I would still be doing it if I had a small audience, but having a fairly significant one makes it even more interesting for me. Hopefully it's just as good for my readers (I always feel like I'm getting more out of the deal)



Sooooo True Greg! That's why guys like Slacker Mgr, 43 Folders and you Greg, (Man! you've got an awesome archive) Rule!

David - just keep on keepin on brother! It's all good.

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