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Steve Sherlock

*** Pun alert ****
because they would rather go bob-bob-bobbing along

sorry but I couldn't help it... ***

we now return to your regular programming...

PS - and if you don't forgive me for this, I understand.... :-)


LOL Steve!

Blaine Collins

I love the cow-looking-at-a-dollar imagery!

I bet Bob doesn't bring it up again unless prompted.

Bob may get surprised down the road by some third party friend-of-Bobs who comes up and says, "Hey, I hear you're blogging. That sounds interesting - let's talk about it."


Sounds like you've been there Blaine. Before blogging I used to bring up our online community and then when that went by the wayside I spoke of blogging. Honestly? I got so tired of the blank expression I don't ever mention blogging in public.

Once every three or four months I'll hear the word blog come out of someone's mouth. Even then I'll size em up before opening my own mouth.

One would have to administer emergency life saving practices to me if someone EVER commented to me, "Hey I hear you're blogging..."

To place this in perspective, I wrote a monthly column for the second leading trade journal in my industry for three years. Of course this could be contstrued as my writing sucked, but, out of the collective sixty or so people I worked with through that period, only four even knew that I wrote. Heck, I was interviewed for a senior editor position for the leading journal and THEY didn't even know I wrote the column!


What is the saying "A prophet in his own town..."? I know what you mean, of all the people who know me offline many do not know I blog let alone know I wrote two books.

I think we love to feed our minds and learn new things. For the offline crowd I know their learning was done like dinner when they finished school. Now they just, bob-bob-bobbing along. lol


"Done like a dinner when they finished high school" So true Greg!

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