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Dave, I don't know where I've been...well, yes I do. I've been away for Jory's wedding in CA. I just got back last night; and today while I was checking out my buddies and what I missed...I came to this post. I'm honored to start out your Six Degrees visit...and thank you for your wonderfully nice words. Now, I'm off to check out some of those other links. Thanks so much Dave. BTW...I'm still a little floaty from Jory's wedding on Saturday. She took my breath away in more ways than one. What an amazing and emotional time. I'm going to post something as soon as I can pull it all together. Take care my friend...


Like old friends we read each other’s post. We share daily adventures – some tedious, some mind-expanding. With a click of a button we can virtually travel anywhere – anytime.
Thanks for including me in your {beautifully written} journey.


A special moment I'm sure Joy. Welcome back!

Thanks for stopping in Kara! Virtual travel is endless. I am fortunate to share your space.

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