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Gavin Heaton

Dave ... this is a great post about how and why we surf the web/blogs. I like the way you weave the story through ... and hey, I wasn't AIMING the rifle at you ... I was waving ;)


Thanks Gavin! Time evaporates like a cool bead of water on a hot desert rock when I visit sites like yours and the others above.

Daniel Scocco

Hey Dave, my honor to appear on your list.

Also, as Gavin mentioned, you have some outstading story-telling skills, it is always pleasant to read your stuff.

Kare Anderson

Sounds like you expect to find adventure and that you have the generous soul to invite others along. I've really enjoyed reading your posts and can see why your writing has gained wide recognition. Am grateful again to have met a new friends through Phil G. If you happen to add Sausalito to your route, do tell and I can show you a bit of our colorful village just above the Golden Gate Bridge. We are lucky to have John Battelle (Federated Media) and the, Isabelle Allende, Paul Hawken, Brad Inman and other world-changing folks using this tiny town as their home base.

Greg Balanko-Dickson

I got to dig out my copy of a "Whack on the Side of the Head"- thanks for the reminder...

Roger von Oech

Wonderful post.

Thanks for the very nice words. I got so excited, I hit the "subscribe" button!

It's a privilege to be included with the others in this post. Thank you.

Best wishes (and happy traveling)!

Roger von Oech


Thank you Daniel! Stay course with your gut instincts. I think my grandkids are going to read about your business exploits someday.

Kare, thanks for stopping by and turning us on to the Sausalito crew!

A most excellent book Greg!!

Thanks for visiting Roger! Your written words have helped me to discover a brand new world - the right side of my brain!

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