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Dick Richards

It struck me as I read this post that "I am" and "I am not" are both self-limiting. It is important I think to know our limits, those that are given to us by virtue of our individuality, and also those that we choose. Creativity does spring from limits; every canvas has edges. Yet to say either "I am" or "I am not" seems a tad dangerous.


I had to let this one brew for a bit Dick. The "I am" for me is an affirmation of what I would like to be...sort of the as you think so you shall be type of thing.

Not sure if this is good or bad, but I do not see limits our boundaries. They are in my life and some are self-imposed but when I become aware I try to eradicate them.

Dick Richards

Ah yes. Limits can be dealt with in one of two ways. Eradicated, as you say, or seen as a stimulus for a creative response. Eradication seems the better path regarding limits that are self-imposed. A creative response seems the only response for limits that we cannot change.

I guess that what I am trying not so well to say is that acceptance of limts that we cannot influence or change can be a very positive response. Painters know what they can and can't do with paint, potters know what they can and can't do with clay, etc. Accepting those limits provides enormous energy to create rather than to rail against the limits.

But back to your original point about affirming what we want to be. We are verbs; always in process. A piece of my reaction to your post had to with some under-the-radar resistance on my part to the very static nature of both "I am" and "I am not." How about "affirming what I am becoming" as well as affirming "what I want to be"?


I'm pretty good with acceptance of limits, like I can accept the idea that I cannot be a pro ball player. No railing there:-)

I love your verb analogy!! And I am all about affirming what I am becoming as well!

Good stuff Dick.

Dick Richards

Damn! You too! It was a hard acceptance that I'll never play center field in the bigs.

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