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Steve Sherlock

Yes, I agree Dave. Bnet is a good white paper source. It is flexible from a user perspective as you can enable either notification via email or RSS feed for specific subject areas. I had subscribed to a couple but they were something I could not keep up with so I stopped receiving them but still remember where to go to get more.


LOL Steve! I have so much stuff coming at me per month between trade journals, biz journals, newspapers, magazines, e-newsletters - not to mention the stuff that I move toward like books, I-surfing and blogs. Whew! Can't imagine white papers coming at me. Like you said, good to know where to go.

Greg Balanko-Dickson

I do not remember who it was that said White Papers are so 20th Century, apparently Manifesto is supposed to be 'the' replacement.

Do we have time to read whitepapers or manifesto's? Why not create a blog category for a manifesto or whitepaper? I personally dislike PDF's and reading them, a blog is so much more 'freindly' and personal. IMO


A blog is more friendly Greg, indeed! Well, of course that is depending upon the author.

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