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After I left the store,
the glow on that young
man's face just stayed
with me.

I shared the story to Nicole.
(my 24 yr old daughter)

It had been AGES since she called her Grandma Dotty.
(My EX Mother in Law, but
we've remained close.

Still on an upbeat emotional high, I encouraged her to call
In hanging up, Grandma
Dotty said to her...
"Thank you for calling,
it made my day".

Nicole had a change come
over HER after speaking
to her Grandmother.

Then I got to thinking,
in a way all because of
that quick communication
with Christian.

So..... to take that even
one step further...
I called the store and
let the manager know
what a friendly and polite
young man Christian was in
my check out encounter.

And did you know....
serotonin is a chemical in the brain that is related to feeling good.
Even witnessing an act of
kindness raises the
serotonin level within our systems. !!!

If you have never
tipped a person at
a fast food drive through
window try this sometime.
Pick out either a nice
friendly one, or a grumpy,
nasty one.
The grumpy, nasty ones are
much more fun to tip
They go and hand me
my change, and I pull out
a dollar and smile a big smile and say....
'This is for you'.

The L@@K of total shock
on their faces is priceless, and ohhhhhhhh
so well worth the $1.

I sincerely hope it indeed
changes their grump and who
can tell HOW that will
ripple on in the world.

Thanks Davie for the
connection . . .

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