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Hi Dave:

Just discovered your blog via Rosa and her exuberance about your return to the blogosphere on Talking Story.

I can relate to your thoughts in this post...wondering about moving things to the next level but not sure what that looks like...and moving forward anyway. Way to go.

Heard an interesting quote that I've been mulling over along these same lines..."Success isn't found in the harvest that you reap, but in the seeds you sow."

I guess if we continue to sow the right kinds of seeds, we'll eventually see the harvest. Best of luck.



Thanks for stopping by Tim and passing along your thougts!

Great quote too!

Steve Sherlock

Nice quote, Tim.

Good writing, Dave. I too found your blog via Rosa today and have been enjoying the reading!

I'll be back.


Isn't Rosa and Talking Story a beacon of light in a raging sea? Welcome to the Reviews Steve!

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