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Community College Success

Community College Success by Isa Adney

"Dave, you do realize that most of your readers have been away from college...for years, right?"

I do. Most of our readers however, are people of influence. We speak to them. 

Isa Adney (pronounced eesa) has written a sure-fire prescription for community college success. It comes with one caveat however. In Isa's words, "I cannot teach desire, passion, perseverance, or diligence..." In other words the student must want it. Isa says you have to want to be more than average. Who doesn't want to be more than average? Perhaps the person who hasn't been asked that question?

"Isa is a young woman. What's to say that while her teachings might have worked for her, they will work for anyone else?"

Isa draws on many student quotes and stories that lend credit to her methodologies. While not scientific, you get a feel for her effectiveness by spending time on her Website Community College Success. This all lends credence to Isa, but for me a story much closer to home validates exactly what Isa teaches. Our older daughter Victoria, did almost everything that Isa prescribes (She was not the president of her sorority), while in college over ten years ago. Not only do I know the ending to that movie, I have enjoyed sequel after sequel!

But of course, the great secret is this: The more you invest in your own success, the more others will be willing to invest in you. Invest in yourself and ask for help everyday. Ask your professors to guide you academically. Ask them were you should transfer, and then take their advice.

I recommend that you, Mr. and or Ms. non-student, buy and read Community College Success. Then I suggest that you tell a dozen students in high school and those who might be just starting off in community college about it. Finally, buy a half dozen books and pass them out to those most deserving. 

But here's the deal, it isn't all about the students. As the herd bears to the left ahead, we're going right. What Isa teaches in Community College Success can be applied to any business or walk of life. So you buy and read the book with the intent of helping students. I encourage you to hold one sub-intent as you proceed. Be open to ideas for whatever your interests are. I firmly believe that most of us are lulled into common ruts when we read personal developmental material. Our brains have heard most of the content. There's mostly nothing new to hook our interest. Isa's material however, will sneak up on you. It will lift you out of that old neural pathway, create new synapses and make learning interesting again.

Isa weaves her own courageous story of a young woman growing up in a lower-middle class family who not only goes onto community college, but transfers to a four-year school, graduates and obtains a master's degree. Isa achieves wonderful, if not unbelievable things by following her own instruction here.

Here's a brief list of topics that Isa covers:

  • Engage in the college experience

  • Build your network

  • Be motivated

  • How to meet others

  • Ask questions

  • Bond with fellow students

  • Form study groups

  • Join and engage with a school club

  • Become a club leader

  • Connect with the student activity and career centers

  • Feed off of your friend’s encouragement

  • Choose a major early on

  • Transitioning to the four-year school

  • Take advantage of alumni

  • Learn how to informational interview

  • Utilize the rich resources and willingness of professors to help

  • Connect with and learn from professionals

  • Mentors

  • The hidden job market

  • How to get advice

  • Getting and setting appointments

Isa explains that the key to community college success and beyond is people. Through people opportunities come and through people we learn, move forward and succeed. 

Community College Success should be mandatory reading for all high school students (the lessons easily apply to four-year schools). Twelve bucks a book seems like a such a pittance in the grand scheme of helping a student. But in case you need an extra reason, I'll give you twelve. Isa provides a link in the book for free material that in value, probably exceeds the price of the book.

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