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Life Philosophy - Oz is the Yellow Brick Road

Purpose - To observe. To appreciate. To share. To connect.

I like to talk about businesses, folks, books and other things that impress me. I like to write about them even more.

At Rothacker Reviews the emphasis will be on the positive. You will find no criticism or negativity here. See your daily newspaper for that.

The art of observing good business, folks, books and other things is rewarding enough. But when you tell others of these, that reward intensifies with soul warming heat. But you know what? That still isn't the best part. The best part comes when you feel the reaction from the person who you are spreading the word about. Nothing compares.

When it's all said and done, whether we are talking about a business, a thing or a book, there are always folks behind them. When it's all said and done, Rothacker Reviews is about the good I find in what other folks are doing.

We live in Tampa, Florida and many of the businesses and folks I write about are in this area. If you are near here, please consider doing business with them.


writing, reading, design, branding, pathways to 21st century education, marketing, thinking, social sciences, neuroscience, my wife and her career as a novelist / forensic underwriter, my older daughter and her career in marketing, my younger daughter and her journey through graduate school, work as a medical scribe and life as a Mom.